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Giada Zhang talks being “a bridge between Italy and China” with We Belong

Words by Kristal Trotter

We Belong is a series of conversations among young women who represent the diversity of Europe. Hosted by Yasmine Ouirhrane, appointed expert by the European Union and the African Union, this podcast allows us to virtually travel to different European countries through the voices and experiences of the female leadership that is helping create opportunities and shifting as well as bridging cultures.

This podcast inspires young listeners, especially young european women of mixed cultural backgrounds, to pave the way to their own personal version of success; it also helps listeners understand that a diverse society in Europe is possible, because just by listening to these conversations, the blueprint to this society is already in the making.

This series just recently launched in March 2020 and there are already two episodes that highlight the Italian experience of two young women who talk about how they are contributing to make a change in Italy. In episode #02, Bellamy doesn’t shy away from the topic of racism and explains why the creation of the digital platform Afroitalian Souls, of which she is Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, was so important. In the latest episode, Giada Zhang, CEO and Co-founder of Mulan Group, talks about how she is changing the negative perception of Chinese food in Italy with her family business through pre-packed meals.

Check out the latest episode below and catch up on episode #02 as well.


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