Lidia Carew

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FIGLI ≠ GENITORI – Exploring diversity within the family

Words by Kristal Trotter

In her latest project FIGLI ≠ GENITORI (children different from parents), Lidia Carew gathers the stories and experiences of families who are confronted with the challenges of learning and understanding the differences from their children. Whether it be by sexual orientation, a disability or race, children can be different from their parents and this project wants to be a guide so that future parents-to-be like Carew can be prepared.

Lidia Carew is a professional dancer and performer who’s career has allowed her to use her own image and experience as a means to fight against stereotypes. She’s an example of how understanding your self-worth can help shift the culture in a society that views black and brown bodies as foreign or less than. Born in Udine from a Neapolitan mother and a Nigerian father, dance has always been a way to express herself. Dance has helped her understand that no matter her capabilities and her efforts, one’s perception of who she is and the comparisons to who she should be, are out of her control. Dance has also helped her understand her own identity and her strengths thanks to a 7 year experience in the United States; she was fortunate to be in an environment that has allowed her to grow and focus on valorizing her body rather than comparing it to that of other Italian dancers. And it is through dance that she is helping the younger generation understand their self worth and gain confidence thanks to her association Lidia Dice.

Now mom-to-be, Carew’s latest project looks toward the future and focuses on understanding how to navigate the dynamics of having a child that will be different from her and her partner, just like she was different from her white mother and her black father. This video project and podcast will be a guide for future parents through the storytelling of today’s children.


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