Accento focuses on Italian culture and its diaspora in a diverse and inclusive way. Here you will find insightful topics, storytelling, music, language learning, and a new perspective.

  • Kristal Trotter
    Kristal Trotter Founder & Director

    Kristal Trotter is a creative designer, a writer, and an image activist. daughter of an Italian mother and an African-American father, her formative years were spent in Udine, Italy. After moving to the United States in her mid-twenties, the stereotypes about Italy and her very first conversations with Italian-Americans have driven her to create a space where the many facets of Italian culture are explored.

    Accento is unexpectedly unpacking our individual humanity. Kristal currently lives in North Carolina. Read her Substack to learn more.

    Pronouns – she/her

our contributors

We would like to thank our contributors, they represent our philosophy and align with our ethos.
Their talent fuels our creativity.

who we are

What first started as a small creative space for Kristal and Alberto, grew into a world representative of people that all share Italian culture and positive vibes.
We represent an Italy you have not dreamed of yet and we all have a message to share.


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