Accento focuses on Italian culture and its diaspora in a diverse and inclusive way. Here you will find insightful topics, storytelling, music, language learning and a new perspective.

Accento is powered by Era Ora Studio.

who we are

What first started as a small creative space for Kristal and Alberto, grew into a world representative of people that all share Italian culture and positive vibes.
We represent an Italy you have not dreamed of yet and we all have a message to share.

  • Kristal Trotter
    Kristal Trotter Founder & Director

    Founder and Director of Accento, she is an image activist.

    With her focus on Italian culture, she is researching the inherited cultural traits that make people Italian, beginning with herself.

    She is also the Co-founder of Era Ora Studio, a Strategic Creative Design Agency and Design Center.

    Pronouns – she/her

our contributors

We would like to thank our contributors, they represent our philosophy and align with our ethos.
Their talent fuels our creativity.

  • Ludovica
    Ludovica Writer

    Ludovica is a talented content creator. Italian native, she is very passionate about foreign cultures and Korean culture in particular. She writes sarcastic and funny short stories on her personal experiences.

    Pronouns – she/her

  • David
    David Audio Engineer

    David is a mix engineer, music producer and sound designer. He writes the music themes for our podcasts and videos. You can find his playlist selections on our blog as well as his original music.

    Pronouns – he/him

  • Giusy
    Giusy Fashion Stylist

    Giusy is a Fashion Stylist based in Milan. With a Master of Arts in Fashion and Textile Design from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, she has several interests that allow her to play in different fields within the creative world. She firmly believes in the existence of unicorns.

    Pronouns – she/her

  • Eliana
    Eliana Photographer

    Eliana is a young photographer that uses images to tell stories and capture moments of what she sees and lives. She is very dynamic and loves to travel. With a promising future in editorial photography, she fully captures the essence of our ethos.

    Pronouns – she/her

  • Bianca
    Bianca Translator / Writer
    Bianca is a dreamer on a constant quest for identity. Passionate  linguist, she is fascinated by how much language and culture are interwoven and by all the implications of this interconnection regarding customs and mentality.
    Pronouns – she/her
    ENOUGH Writer

    ENOUGH is a “woke & unapologetic” space created by Simone and Giovanna that contributes to the narrative on feminism, body diversity and discrimination. They share their insights on the important topics being discussed in Italy (or not being discussed enough), here on Accento.

    Pronouns – she/her


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