UNLEARN is a visual podcast that uses the dynamic format of roundtable discussions to talk about a wide array of topics, and delve into complex issues within the Italian diaspora.

Through the voices and experiences of academics and various figures from artistic and creative backgrounds, the project wants to involve, inform and share in a direct and easygoing manner, aspects of Italian culture where discussions about race are still new, and notions like systemic racism or cultural appropriation are not widely known.

Every episode serves as a platform to confront ideas, stimulate dialog, and support diversity and inclusion, to veer away from stereotypes and encourage the unlearning of many clichés.

“Do Italians embrace their internal diversity
and that of others?”
Zoe Map


UNLEARN is a roundtable created and produced in New York City, based on Zoe’s comprehensive research. The show revolves around a single question, with the aim of enhancing awareness, understanding, and knowledge of various themes, updated concepts and terms. By using creativity, an informal language, and an immediate approach, the show strives to serve as a megaphone and a promoter of information dissemination.

Learning Hub

Each episode is complemented by an interactive extension that creates fun, engaging, informative experiences for schools and educational institutions! This learning hub is designed to stimulate your imagination, improve critical thinking and connection to others. A rich array of resources, including reading materials, social media content, audio and video, personal testimonies, interactive games, and downloadable materials!

“The only way forward is to work towards a world you want to live in.
We have to create and build this world, and be imaginative to make this happen.”

Kristal Trotter


Zoe Map is the creative force behind the project and through which she encourages the unlearning of many clichés. Producer, director, and editor, Zoe has been living in New York for the past fifteen years, and her learnings around the concept of whiteness were the catalyst to pose questions to her Italian community.

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