Accento Presents

Accento Presents: Afrobeats, Accento


Accento Presents: Afrobeats

Words by Kristal Trotter

‘Accento Presents’ is our new series of short videos that explore all facets of Italian culture, in Italy and in the rest of the world.

We wanted to understand more about the people behind Afrobeats in Italy, a music genre that is starting to pickup in a meaningful way within the country, so we talked to music producer Yves Agbessi and founder of NoOx Management Silvia Nocentini, two people who are shifting the Italian music scene along with other creatives. Agbessi and Nocentini are on a mission to bring quality music that deserves to be on the Italian charts among the hits.

With direction and photography by videomaker Silvia Tonelli, and English translations by our contributor Bianca Pirrelli, check out how Afrobeats in Italy means investing in multiculturalism.


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Accento Presents: Afrobeats, Accento
Accento Presents: Afrobeats, Accento