Accento Presents

Show Your Accent: Ludovica Vittoria and Emanuela, Accento


Show Your Accent: Ludovica Vittoria and Emanuela

Words by Kristal Trotter

‘Accento Presents’ is our new series of short videos that explore all facets of Italian culture, in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Accents can reveal a lot about a person, and not just about the one with the accent in question, but also about the one who questions it. Some people are mocked for how they pronounce their words, for the intonation in their voice, for a strong accent that overpowers the new language they are trying to speak in, instead of disappearing completely. As stereotypes create constant barriers between one another, our behaviors in relation to other identities says a lot about how little we know how to interact within our differences and how quick we give up on learning about our similarities – if we even try at all.

For those who cannot yet distinguish the various accents we present to you, know that you have an advantage over the trained and native ears who will easily spot them, but have the hurdle of preconceived notions to surmount.

In this lighthearted new series, we not only want to highlight the beautiful and unique characteristics of Italian accents, but we want to hear the foreign voices experiencing Italian culture as well. There are so many things we can learn from ones accent, if only we’d listen.

In this episode, Ludovica Vittoria hints at her disorientation in realizing she never really had a neutral Italian accent, while Emanuela speaks about the differences she sees between their shared Friulian heritage and her Roman upbringing.

Direction and photography by videomaker Silvia Tonelli, and English translations by our contributor Bianca Pirrelli.


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Show Your Accent: Ludovica Vittoria and Emanuela, Accento
Show Your Accent: Ludovica Vittoria and Emanuela, Accento