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DIVERS/IT gives a whole new meaning to makeup

Words by Kristal Trotter

DIVERS/IT, a play on the words diversity and Italian, is a web series that talks about discrimination, insecurities and painful childhood memories through the experiences of people who use makeup as empowerment. Each story from this project is a teachable moment that adds great value to the Italian beauty community.

DIVERS/IT is a wonderful YouTube series created by Loretta Grace, a multi-talented creative (singer, composer, actress, web influencer and content creator) and makeup enthusiast who made it her mission to highlight the beauty that isn’t valued or shown in Italian mainstream media. This is certainly a project that stems from her personal experiences growing up in Italy; the beauty influencer, who is Italian of Nigerian and African American descent, struggled to find products that catered to her natural hair, as well as base foundations that matched her skin tone and makeup for her dark skin, so she decided to talk about this huge gap in the Italian beauty market on her social media channels and be the representation she needed when she was younger. In recent years beauty brands have increased their selection of products to be more inclusive and reach a more diverse audience, but there is still a lot of work to be done – away from the marketing campaigns. DIVERS/IT takes you away from the glitz and glam and throws you in the everyday life of everyday people, where diversity is no longer a buzz word, but has real substance.

Launched in 2017, this web series has covered a range of topics, from chronic diseases to gender norms, showing how makeup can play a key role in the most unexpected ways. The goal of this series is to normalize the physical aspects of ourselves that may cause insecurities, through beauty tips and positive messages, but also to educate Loretta Grace’s 510,000 YouTube subscribers on being mindful, respectful and informed.

Watch the latest video that talks about vitiligo below and follow the rest of the series on YouTube here.


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