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Cool Things From The Internet #3

Words by Kristal Trotter

Projects, initiatives and ideas found on the internet that are making us happy.

Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo Mashup Trailers

If you thought that comedians Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo couldn’t get any funnier, think again. Thanks to the editing skills of videographer Stefano Baglio, we can now see the comedic trio interact with Marvel and DC comics superheroes in what are arguably the perfect movie trailers. Although it’s best you be familiar with their work to capture the nuances —we suggest you watch their films if you haven’t already — it’s still hilarious to see the three Italian comedians react to the Avengers, Batman and Harley Quinn. Baglio’s idea is a really great way for die-hard fans to reminisce Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo’s most famous skits from classic movies like ‘Tre uomini e una gamba’ (three men and a leg) or ‘Chiedimi se sono felice’ (ask me if I’m happy). Check out this recent mashup trailer with ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ below, then take a look at other parody trailers here.


The trailer for the highly anticipated Netflix original series ‘Zero’ is finally here. Written by Antonio Dikele Distefano along with Italian comic book artist and screenwriter Roberto Marchionni, Stefano Voltaggio, Massimo Vavassori, Carolina Cavalli and Lisandro Monaco, the show puts to the forefront the Black Italian experience with an all Black cast, a first for Italy. The show follows the adventures of Omar, a shy Italian boy of African descent who has developed a superpower that will allow him to see the reality of things behind their appearance. With the help of his friends, this new superhero will try to save his neighborhood in Milan.

L’incidente Intimo

New York based comedian, actress and writer Maria DeCotis stars in the bilingual indie film ‘L’incidente Intimo’, a movie she also wrote and directed. It’s a surreal dark comedy about a young woman who seeks intimacy again after experiencing a traumatic assault. Besides playing the main character, DeCotis also plays the voices in her head — who speak Italian — that represent psychological and emotional contradictions that live within a person when trying to move on from a sexual assault. Check out the movie trailer below and watch the full short here.


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