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6 Music Videos Before The Summer Ends

Words by Kristal Trotter

Sheltering in place was certainly not what we had in mind for 2020 and social distanced vacations became the safest compromise for those determined not to let their summer plans go entirely to waste. However, this summer wasn’t just about missing out on pleasure itineraries, for many people it will be remembered for the hardships we endured, the protests we marched in or the start of a new journey of self love. From the beach parties we couldn’t have, to the dreams of a better future, here are the 6 music videos of the summer that had us feel all the feels.

Elodie – Guaranà

Elodie sings to a distracted lover who is becoming more and more distant. The singer senses that their love is slipping away, so escaping the city together to relax on a remote location and abandon themselves to tequila and guaranà may be the spark they needed to get closer. This music video looks like they did just that and recorded their intimate time together to preserve that memory.

Alo – Torneremo

Written during his first two weeks of quarantine while probably stuck at home staring at the walls like the rest of us, Alessandro Casini a.k.a. Alo – created a song to push away the sadness and make room for positive energy. ‘Torneremo’ sends a message of hope in which we will all finally hug the loved ones we miss, crowd the beaches again, dance the night away and get back to all the things we enjoy in life.

Equipe 54 – LVDUP

F.U.L.A, Roy Raheem, Tommy Kuti, Slim Gong and Yank are 5 Afro-Italian rappers who sought to revolutionize the Italian rap game by bringing energetic Afro beats to the scene and decided to join forces creating Equipe 54. The collective took part in the #BlackLivesMatter protest in Milan in June and created an anthem to uplift the Afro-Italian community as they fight for equality.

Mahmood, Sfera Ebbasta, Feid – Dorado

In this from-rags-to-riches fantasy, Mahmood starts the video by sharing that in his pockets he had “nada”, singing Lana Del Rey songs at home and wearing a Nefertiti necklace while dreaming of a life of luxury. His fantasy then unfolds as he dances in a museum of Egyptian artifacts, on top of a sphinx, alongside Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta and to Colombian singer/songwriter Feid’s verses. Even if surrounded by lavishness, Mahmood reminds us that he would still be the most expensive ring.

LaHasna – Orione

Catch R&B singer LaHasna as she serenades a suitor in this trippy video on the shores of a summer resort. Like a Goddess casting her spell while the sun sets, we fall prey of her voice. Although the video is definitely too short, you may still fall into her trap. We know we did.

F.U.L.A. – Mal d’africa

In this visually stunning video directed by Megan Stancanelli, ‘Mal d’Africa’ is the artist’s love letter to his African roots and a glimpse into a life he left behind. No political references, just honest storytelling of what Africa represents beyond stereotypes.  Born in Senegal and raised in Calabria, F.U.L.A. is thankful to Italy for taking care of him like a “balia” (nanny), but he didn’t forget about his loved ones in Africa who he embraces in every frame.


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